Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's been going on...

I know that I haven't blogged in a while so I decided to show you what we've been up to that has kept us so busy.
This is our side yard. My kitchen window looks out to this area and there is a brick path that goes around in a big "O" shape for the kids to ride their bikes/scooters. But that sloped part on the side was covered by all of those rocks and full of weeds. So I spent a lot of time moving those rocks and it helped that Neil found chicken wire under them so he just pulled it back with the rocks. Then he weeded it all and we got it ready for these 6 beautiful rose bushes! Neil has run irrigation under the path and along this side for each of the bushes (all different colors of roses including a Disneyland Rose!) I can't wait for them to start blooming... maybe I will enjoy doing dishes a lot more!
We of course had a lot of help from these two, or should I say that we constantly had to re-find our tools because they had taken off with them!
Kaley was helping the boys play in the dirt and water the pumpkin seeds that she and Madison had planted.
Does everyone do yard work in a dress? Well, Madison does!
"Look Mom, I have dirt!"
Our strawberries are coming along nicely...
And we are trying to acclimate these goodies to the outside world before we plant them in the boxes. We have corn, and sunflowers, and zucchini and pumpkins, and I'm sure some other stuff too.
We have also had a lot of this going on... Girl Scout Cookies sales! There has been a lot of driving back and forth to the different places that they have been selling and the girls usually end up freezing the whole time, but they really enjoy it. We are just very excited for them to start doing the fun stuff soon! But for now I have been surrounded by lots of these...
I think that I lost count as to how many cookies I have personally eaten. They are all so yummy that I have to give each variety it's due attention... right? We will definitely be stocking up on Thin Mints for our freezer before we are done and Neil has plans to try to make Thin Mints homemade ice cream!
And we are about to redo this room. Those arrows that I added are where "stuff" collects. All of the mail, schoolwork, bible study books, toys that we have taken away from the boys, pencils and crayons, cookbooks, girl scout cookies, gardening stuff and random tools, and lots of other random things. Because they are all out in the open for everyone to see, it drives me crazy! I want something pretty and functional... is that too much to ask? So we are working on it, starting with this baby that we picked up in Riverside on Sunday for $85.
This is my current project and the reason why no scrapbooking will be getting done this week. I'm painting it Lincoln Cottage Black and it is going to look amazing against the color that I am going to paint the wall. Can't wait to get it all done and show you all!
Tomorrow I will be sharing a layout that I did last week. We have another really busy week this week so lots going on for me to share!

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