Friday, March 11, 2011

Memories & Discoveries

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and most days we went over to my great grandmother's house just a few minutes away. Almost every time that I walked through her door I would walk right past her as she sat in her rocking recliner as I said "Hi grandma, bye grandma" and I continued directly to the kitchen to see what was in the fridge. The best days were when I saw this sight...
Red Jello in these glass cups and tubs of Cool Whip. This was always the best snack and just one way that my great grandma showed me how much she loved me. I now own her glass dessert cups and I love to make red Jello and line them up on the fridge shelf for my kids. I want this sight to mean as much to them as it does to me.
This is something that I discover every morning. About five minutes after I give my boys their cereal, I am picking it up off the floor and the table. Just another routine of my days right now.
And these are pictures that I found on my camera recently. I do remember Kaley asking me if she could play with my camera one day and apparently this is what they did. They are actually really cute photos of them.
My girls are sweethearts and love taking pictures of each other and themselves. Neil often finds videos on his iPod touch that the girls have taken of themselves just walking around talking about random things, but they're adorable.

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kristina said...

GREAT pictures Christy!!!