Monday, March 14, 2011

Buffet Revealed

Remember this buffet that I shared with you last week? Well I found it on Craig's List in Riverside and bought it for $85 dollars.
The top was pretty messed up, lots of stains and dings and scratches. But I loved the shape of it.
We found that the shelf was really bowed and the back had a big break in it. And the hardware had to go! Well, sanding, primer, 2 coats of Lincoln Cottage Black paint, and polyacrylic later. Plus new hardware, a new support and back and now it looks like this...
I love it! It looks perfect in my dining room.
Neil put a new back on the cabinet and created this support to hold up that shelf. I haven't started putting much in here yet because I'm still trying to decide what needs to go in here that my boys won't mess with.
The handles and knobs we found at Lowe's and the hinges were not easily replaced and so Neil spray painted them chrome to match the rest of the hardware.

This is my big blank wall for now. I have more projects in store (surprise honey!) and I will show you the whole room when it's all done. But I am so in love with this paint color that I used for this wall. The wall extends right into the kitchen and it warms up this space so much. It's Cafe Blue by Valspar. Can't wait to get the rest done now!


Michelle*G said...

It's gorgeous! I am so itching to give refinishing furniture a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

Neil Harris said...

What's this about more projects? I'm ready for a well deserved break.