Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Last night we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! We went down to Victoria Gardens and had dinner at Flemming's which was absolutely incredible. Luckily we still had a gift card from Pastor Appreciation last October which meant that we could splurge a little. Then we went and saw Transformers 2 which just opened yesterday. It was packed and we barely found seats together, but it was a very good movie and it even had an "Animal Cracker" moment which was a nice romantic break from all of the robots trying to kill each other!
And Neil took me to New York & Company and I got a couple pairs of plaid shorts and tops. He's so sweet!

Dodgers vs. Angels game

Last Saturday night we went to a Dodgers vs. Angels game at Angels stadium with about 40 people from church. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed watching the Dodgers win!
I love this picture of Neil that I got as he intently watched the game.
I had to snap a picture of us in our Dodger blue!
We took a bus down there which was pretty nice except that I was really car sick (or bus sick) by the time that we got down there. We got to watch Brian Regan and the Sandlot which is such a classic! We had a great time!

Disneyland with the Grebel's!

Last Friday we went to Disneyland with the Grebel family. It has gotten too hard for us to go with the four kids and just the two of us so it's always nice to take friends along!
We went on Toy Story Mania which is always a blast. And I finally got (by using peer pressure!) Neil to go on It's a Small World! I like the changes that they made in there and find it much more enjoyable.
I took this picture after we went on Pirates. We also went on Peter Pan (which the boys cried through) and the girls went through the treehouse and on King Triton's Carousel.
The Jungle Cruise is one of our favorites and always feel great on a hot day.
Overall we had an amazing time hanging out with them and would love to do it again! And, of course, we ended the day with a fabulous dinner at Fuddrucker's. So delicious!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CKC Pasadena

This is what I did for two days at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Pasadena. My mom and I got a job working for SEI and we loved every minute of it! I ran their cash register and helped with make n takes and restocked, and of course shopped!
This is me with Sid the owner of SEI. He is a really nice guy and I had a lot of fun talking to him during the down times.
This is my mom working in her booth which she called the "bargain basement booth". The deals here were so incredible that the first morning before we even opened her and I had two huge bags full of stuff for us! But because the deals were so great this was a very busy booth and was mostly full of very cheap women which are usually the rudest kind!
This is Lynn and I on Saturday. He is the one that runs the SEI booth and runs their trucking department that hauls up to 5 semi trucks filled with many of the booths at the show. He goes from show to show and is away a big part of the year. His wife is the one that taught the SEI classes which I wish I could have taken one or two of. Their granddaughter was with them, Jaedan, and I had a lot of fun working with her.
Overall, it was one of the best weekends ever and the best thing that my mom and I have ever done together. We are already signed up to work for them in Ontario in October. I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Madison: the Kindergarten Graduate

Madison graduated from Kindergarten today and it was wonderful! They sang songs and performed lots of little things for a classroom full of parents and families. So here are a couple of videos from the program: the one on the left is of Madison saying what she wants to be when she grows up. She apparently thought of one thing and then had so many in her head that she couldn't choose one so she didn't say anything else! The other is of a song they sang, the three girls on the right were supposed to be performing the song while the others were supposed to sing it, well, Madison stole the whole show! She is so animated and adorable. We love her so much and Mrs. Pace loves her too! And she received the Citizenship award for the whole year! One of the boys in her class said, "Yeah, she never gets in trouble!" They all agreed. It was very special!