Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Fun Evening

Tonight we went to the house of some friends of ours from out here in Silver Lakes. They needed some help from Neil with technical stuff so we all went over to visit since we haven't seen each other in so long. They have the most amazing backyard and I just happened to have my camera in my purse! Check out these awesome pictures and I think that the one above is my favorite!

I got another picture of Gabriel making his face, I hope he never stops making it.
Zachary was very photogenic tonight and even walked over and sat next to this waterfall when I asked him to!
We sat down outside to have some pizza and this is how Zach decided to eat his since I hadn't cut it for him yet! It was really adorable and we all got a good laugh out of it.

On a whole other note I just found out about these two new lines of products from pebbles. They are absolutely adorable and would be perfect for my pages of the boys or the girls. Check them out here: that is for the girls' line and here is the boys'

Mrs. Pace"s Class

Here is a picture of the whole class lined up on the stage with a fourth grade class behind them as their backdrop. They looked so cute! I can't believe that the year is almost over already!

Helendale Elementary School Talent Show

This morning was the Helendale Elementary School Talent Show. Mrs. Pace's class performed at the beginning of the program and they did a great job! They were supposed to dress up in costumes from around the world so Madison wore her Jasmine costume and she looked beautiful.
They sang "It's a Small World" which is one of daddy's favorite songs, ha-ha! Here is the video:

After their song they went down the line and each of them said a way that they can make the world a better place. Madison's will make Pop Pop very happy!

Hope you enjoyed watching her! She has worked very hard on this and is very proud. She has really loved Kindergarten and Mrs. Pace!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beginner Golfers

Here is the video of the girls trying to hit the ball through the opening and closing door (with the help of Daddy). It took Daddy a little while before he realized he should just let them have fun and play their way instead of trying to help them be perfect. It was very sweet to watch.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neil At Bat

After we were done playing golf I really wanted Neil to try the batting cage. He keeps saying how badly he wants to hit a baseball so I thought, "why not now?" He did pretty well although I think that he would have done better if he had more time to figure out the timing of the machine.
It really made me wish that I could go back to high school and watch him play again. Okay, I don't think that I ever went and watched him play! But now I wish I had, because I could watch him for hours! You can really see how much he loves it and that I love about him.
Oh yeah, go Lakers!

Little Golfers

Today we took the girls miniature golfing for the first time since they have done so well in school. They had no idea that we were going there until we pulled into the parking lot. They were really excited and had a great time.
It was a beautiful day and I got this incredible shot of Madison.
Kaley tried really hard and did pretty well for a four year old trying it for the first time. She kept kinda pushing the ball with the club and guiding it rather than hitting it, but oh well!
Madison enjoyed it a lot and wants to go back again soon. Thank you to the Grebel's for watching the boys for us! Next I will post a couple of videos that we took.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So He Thinks He Can Take Over

Here is the picture that Neil apparently did not want everyone to see! He thinks he is so talented, well, here is a couple more pictures of him for you to see.
He was having a great time watching the boys being goofy. I love his smile!
Here is my favorite shot of him! And he says he can't take a good picture! HA!

The Roses are Blooming and the Boys are Growing!

Our rose bush outside the girls' room is in full bloom and beautiful. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of it.
This one outside the boys' room is cool because there are pink roses amidst the purply red ones. It is a strange sight.
The boys are growing up so fast that I feel like I can't blink or they will be teenagers! Gabriel is such a sweet funny little boy, he cracks me up every day.
And Zachary is Mr. energy and personality! He is a wild boy with a loving heart. I don't know what I would do without them!

Kaley's Preschool Graduation

Check out this video of Kaley doing her songs with her preschool class. It is so adorable! She doesn't remind me at all of me! Ha-Ha! Please excuse the shaky camera, Neil was taking it!
She has worked all year on these songs and her time at preschool is coming to an end. I'm kinda sad that she is growing up so fast.

Hiding Out at the Park

We are trying to win the battle against ants in our house! So we fogged it on Friday and then went to the park while the house aired out. Zach (our little dare devil) loved climbing on the playground while Gabriel cried most of the time and just wanted down.
I love this smile of his, the problem is that he knows that I think it is cute and so he gives it to me whenever he thinks that he is in trouble!
Neil hates it when I take pictures of him and he says that he doesn't know how to take a good normal picture. So while at the park, I started taking pictures of him while he was watching the kids and this is what I got from him when he was fed up with me clicking away! This will teach him to give me goofy faces! (EDITED BY NEIL. 5.21.09)
This child is so gorgeous! We are going to be in trouble when she becomes a teenager. I don't think we will ever be ready for it.
Zachary had a great time running around. He even was trying to throw his little basketball up to the big basketball hoop! We got the boys some cute little sandals and I love seeing their chubby toes.

A Special Day

On May 9th I was honored to be able to help these two beautiful ladies (Katelyn and Candace) get ready for their prom! We had a great time doing their hair and makeup and laughing and listening to the soundtrack to the Little Mermaid. I also got to capture these great pictures of them and even one of Katelyn and her mom, my friend Tammy. I love how they matched!

I am very priviledged to be a part of the lives of these two girls. They are sweet and smart and absolutely gorgeous! Love you two!!

Catching Up

Okay, so I have some major catching up to do! So get ready for a lot of posts today! For Mother's Day Madison's teacher had us moms come in early and Madison made me a beautiful beaded bracelet. Then she got the four foot tall flower card that she made and her whole class sang some songs for us, we also had snacks and got to spend some time together.
She has a lot of kids in her class, or atleast it looks that way when they are all lined up like this! Some of these cards were taller than the kids!
Madison loved making the bracelet for me. There were so many beautiful beads for us to choose from. It turned out to be a great day, and the best Mother's Day ever!