Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Train Time!

For their 3rd birthday the boys received a whole set of trains from Grandpa Korn. And most days they bring me the bin full of pieces and want me to put it together, and so I do. Everyday it's a different set up and some days are more elaborate than others. One day I decided to get down on the floor with my camera and take some fun shots of them having fun. I am finally getting to those layouts now although I still haven't done their birthday page because of some mysteriously missing pictures that I still haven't found!
Here is the first page. I really try to create two page spreads for my twins with pictures of one on one page and pictures of the other for the other page. With some pictures of the two of them together on both pages. I also try to journal on both pages and have some sort of title, this way, some day when they are older and want these pages (or their wives want them!) I can easily split them up.
All of the supplies are from Echo Parks Little Boy collection except for the brads and the Thickers on the first page. I absolutely love these pictures but my favorite is the one of Zach's little toes.
These train stickers I put on white cardstock and then cut them out so that I could adhere them with pop dots. I added the little brads in different colors to make them look connected.
I love the sheet of journaling cards and labels that come in the Echo Park collections! Although, what's not to love about Echo Park?!
I cut up a border sticker to jazz up the title block a little and I loved this "Boys will Be Boys" sticker. But it looked a little weird just floating on the page like that, and the same with the journaling blocks, so I cut up these label strips that came in the collection and they really helped to ground the element to the page.

I have definitely been getting better at taking pictures of my layouts and editing them but my pictures seem to be coming out darker than they actually are! I'm still learning!

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