Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living in Gotham

Lately it has felt as if I live in Gotham City. My boys think that they are Batman and Robin although there are lots of times that the villain in them comes out. The boys love to bring their Batman toys and the Batcave down stairs and we play for a long time. Usually they make me the bad guy and then put me in jail, but I don't mind.

We play peek-a-boo and go up and down the elevator with 6 different batman figures, put all of the bad guys in jail and then knock them off the roof. There is always lots of imagination going on when these boys play.
This batcave set was one of the best things that we bought the boys for Christmas and it even folds up and has a carrying handle. The boys just never seem to get tired of playing with it!
We have lots of fun setting everything up and then of course knocking it all down many times.
And there is always lots of tickling and giggles that come along with mommy sitting on the floor. I'm always fair game when down at their level and they make sure that I know that.
I love these sweet little hands that line everything up and make sure that even Mr. Freeze has his gun in his hand because it's not right if he doesn't have it. These are the moments that I cherish.

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