Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Sweet Kids

At least once a season I like to take individual pictures of my kids so that I can create a page for each of them that includes facts about them at that moment. And I use them to create 8x8 pages of them to go on 8x8 frames that I have in my bedroom. I should really share that sometime! But last week while we were out in the backyard working on the garden and picnic area I decided to use the opportunity to take pictures of each of the kids.
My sweet Madison... the beautiful version of her Daddy! I've noticed her smiling like this a lot more since her teeth have come in so crooked. I am loving her hair as it grows longer and longer and there is so much of it! We just had her parent teacher conference and she has improved so much since first starting at this school and we couldn't be more proud of her!
My adorable little Kaley Bailey bug. My shadow, my sunshine, and my mini me! She seems to not be able to wait for spring/summer to actually get here because she is already pulling out her tank tops at just the sight of the sun. We had her conference too and she is doing great and is well on her way to being above grade level at the end of the year. It is always good to hear teachers say that your child is a pleasure to have in their class and even better when they both say it!
I have the hardest time getting mad at this face! The problem with twins is that when they are both naughty I will punish the first one (usually Zach being slightly more naughty) and then I will turn around and it feels like I am already done punishing and so Gabriel doesn't get as much of my anger. I know it's not fair but he really has always had a special place in my heart. He is so sweet with such a pure heart that I find it difficult to get mad at him, I mean, look at that face!
Zachary lately has been telling me how much he misses me (even when he has been with me for days straight) and even told me that he didn't want me to go anywhere because he thought I would get caught in a trap! Apparently, he has been watching TOO MUCH Scooby Doo. But even through his eyes you can see the plotting of trouble forming in his mischievous little brain.

I know that they really need a haircut, hopefully that will happen this weekend. And I am hoping to get at least one more project done around the house too! Yay!

I took these pictures with my Canon Rebel xSi. I usually shoot in Sports mode, I find that it gives me the best color and yet the shutter speed is fast enough that they don't come out blurry. I really want to shoot in Manual but that is going to require taking an online class. The one that I want to take is starting in just a few weeks and I am trying to come up with the money. We'll see!

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