Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is Here!

Here in the High Desert spring has been teasing us. One day it is beautiful and the sun is shining and then last week it was snowing! But I have decided to make spring stay put for awhile at least inside my house so I have been very busy getting my craftiness on!
Friday night my friend Kristina and I got together and made these moss covered letters. We each did the first letter of our last name, it was incredibly messy but I love how it turned out! Now I want to find a bigger ampersand and do the same thing. This is now sitting up on the top shelf of our chunky shelves in the dining room.
This is my take on Becky Higgins topiary found here I couldn't find enough of the right flowers (nor could I afford that many!) to cover a whole Styrofoam ball, so while I was at Tai Pan last week I picked up this green ball for like $4.00. I had this buttery yellow vase sitting around that I bought at Marshalls for $6.99. I did just like Becky's tutorial: filled the pot with floral foam stuck a spray painted dowel into the ball and the foam and then covered the foam with moss (leftover from the letter project) and added a couple of pears! So easy!
I did just like I said I was going to and spray painted this wreath stand Heirloom white and then distressed it. I love how it now pops against the buffet and the wall. The Easter Egg wreath tutorial is from the last post found here .
I have added to my apothecary jar collection and filled these ones with various fake fruit. I love the colors (especially the lemons with the raspberries and blackberries). Ok and I held my camera up to take this picture because I'm not that tall and I just realized that there is a Nerf gun dart up there! Didn't know that!... I guess that is life with little boys.
I also created this over the weekend. Now this one is also from Becky Higgins and I followed it as closely as I could. You can find it here I just loved the colors of it. The candle stick I got at Home Goods and spray painted it Sun Yellow from Rust0leum.
I also added a few pretty flowers to our bedroom. I will be sharing more about this little corner in a couple of days. I love the yellow against the blue!
I got really spray paint happy this weekend apparently! This little pot I have had for so long I can't even remember where I got it. It used to be olive green and went very well with my "Tuscan Dungeon" decor that I used to have. But now it is Sun Yellow and slightly distressed then filled with a mixture of pretty pink flowers and some foam fruit (yes, I had that much fake fruit thanks to my friend!) that I stuck wooden skewers into to add into the arrangement. The grapes I just tucked into the vase. This now sits in my laundry room and makes it a little more cheery! Couldn't we all use a little more cheeriness when doing laundry?

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laura vegas said...

you're all over the decorating ideas, aren't you! becky has such fun ideas for decorating. i'm a big fan of spray painting things too, for around the house. and i have tons of jars with the fruit in them :)