Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Storing My MM Slice

It seems like somewhere on people's calendars it is written that this is Organizing Week. It is no where to be found on my calendar but it is everywhere I look right now. So I decided to go with the flow and make it Organizing Week here on my blog too! It only seems to fit, right? I often get asked how I organize all of my scrap supplies and some have said that I should charge admission for tours of my room! haha... maybe I will when it is finished but for right now you are not going to be seeing full pictures of my room until I get a couple more things done because the Disney Princess sheet that is currently tacked over my window is embarrassing! I have a plan for a curtain I just have to buy the stuff and jump in, and get the last 3 feet of my countertop installed then I will be showing off my room to anyone that walks in the door.

Today I will share with you where I store my Making Memories Slice Elite. One, because I LOVE this thing and use it all the time. And two, because I just got the unit that I am storing it in and I am so excited about it.
I found this piece at an awesome little antique store in Hesperia that my friend and I found and have fallen in love with. I would tell you where it is but then you would probably go there and take all of the good stuff! I saw this piece and immediately fell in love with it and knew that it was destined to house my sweet little slice machine and then I saw the price tag... $19.95! That was it, it was a done deal.
Here it is open and I can't tell you how perfectly everything fits. The tools case was a little snug but those dividers slide out really easily. My spray adhesive even sits right next to the machine and you saw in the earlier picture that I keep my slice inspirations recipe box and the cute little squeezie slice I bought on ebay sitting there on top along with my box of current pictures. What I love most about this desk organizer is that the door slides down and I can keep the dust and stuff off of it.
Here is the drawer opened. This is a very nice, big drawer that holds my embossing tips, drawing tips, wrench, blades extra glue and brush and the button that I received last year. Needless to say I LOVE IT!
So there is one little piece of my room and the newest addition. Tomorrow I will show you some more fun stuff and how I organize it!


laura vegas said...

are you kidding me?!?! that was just made for your slice ... back in the day, when no one had even thought up the fun little die cut machine. lol! seriously, i LOVE this! if you even come across another one, pick it up for me ;)

kathy said...

That is just crazy cute! And great pictures!

Disneypal said...

How cute and clever - love it !