Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organizing Paper

Paper is of course the staple for scrapbookers and it is often the thing that we hoard yet get so much of that we can't find a sheet to save our life. There are many different ways to organize paper based on how you use it and how much of it you have. This is how I have found storing paper works for me. In my previous room it was all together but I needed the extra cubes to support my extra countertop so they had to be moved. Here is where the majority of my paper is...
These cubes are the big ones that I ordered from Oriental Trading Company. They are sturdy and a really good quality. I am considering getting the dividers so that I can store my cardstock over here again, but I'm debating. Organization is something that needs to evolve with you and your space and because I have only been in this room for a few months I am still figuring it out. The top cube is for my cricut and silhouette supplies including my vinyl. That cube isn't very pretty and now that I look at it, I should move all of that! The one under my printer is all of my printer papers, this works very nicely to have them so close. And that bottom one is my in-process albums. All We R Memory Keepers 3-ring binder faux leather albums that I now get on Amazon.
Here is a close up of that middle cube. I use these Cropper Hopper 12x12 vertical paper holders and I need to get one more. This is where all of my everyday patterned papers go and they are organized by manufacturer because that is how I see papers, by who made them. American Crafts and Echo Park are also divided by collection because I have so much of their products.
Right below my everyday paper is the pull out file drawer that holds all of my scraps. I love my scraps all being here separated in hanging files by color. In the back is one for all patterned paper and then one just for American Crafts papers because I go to those a lot especially for cards.
In the middle of my countertop right in between my two work stations is the two cubes that hold all of my cardstock. I do like having it right next to me and yet I kind of miss it being with the other papers. I told you, I'm still debating.
Lastly, in my closet on the bottom left there is this sterilite unit from Target. I really need to get another one but haven't gotten around to that yet. These boxes actually come out and have lids so they are not just drawers. This is where all of my theme based products are. The top two have several subjects in them and that is why I need another set of these. Everything from New Years, Valentines, St. Patricks, Birthday, Baby, School, Fall, Halloween, and Christmas are all in here. That way when I need to scrap that subject I just pull out the box and take it over to my work station. I love it!
Well, there is a peek into how I organize all of my paper in my room. If I think of something better, I will be sure to share!

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laura vegas said...

love getting a peek into how other's organize their stuff. i organize my pattern paper the same way, except i really need to label my vertical paper holders so that i know what is in each one. and i love using the lidded 12x12 containers for storing themed type stuff. i have them for christmas, halloween, baby, school, sports, etc.