Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Day

First off is a picture of Neil and I at our friends' wedding on New Year's Day. Beautiful wedding with the best food ever! Buffalo Wild Wings bus parked right outside with two awnings where they were making the yummy food! I love my mild boneless wings...
The next day we started getting snow! It continued all night and most of Monday so everybody stayed home and we went outside and played. I love this hat that Madison got me for Christmas!
Zachary was having so much fun trying to make snowballs to throw at Daddy and he even got in on the snow angel action.
Gabriel kept asking Daddy to make him snowballs so that he could then throw them mostly at Daddy... I don't know why Neil kept doing it especially since Gabriel had gloves on and he didn't.
I love this jacket on Madison with that big furry hood. She had a lot of fun playing around and when she made a snow angel Neil said, "okay it looks good, but now you're just making a mud angel!" But she didn't care.
Kaley decided that this thin little jacket was going to be warm enough and she would not admit that she was cold either. I don't know where she gets her stubborness from! Oh wait, yes I do!
I had to get a picture of my honey and I which I took right after he nailed me with a snowball right in the head and neck while I was taking video and not paying attention.
We had a really good time playing outside as the snow continued to fall, then we went inside for hot chocolate and movies... it was a great snow day.

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