Friday, January 21, 2011

My Island

This kitchen island first belonged to my parents and then it lived in our kitchen for about 5 years. When we moved and bought a different island for our kitchen I had big plans for this baby. My husband and his friends who refused to move this thing up the stairs warned me that it wouldn't fit and that I would hate it being in there. So what did I do? I asked my dad to help! So when he came over and helped my hubby get it up the stairs (which wasn't easy but doable) they put it in my room and I knew that it had found it's perfect home! It has a counter that folds down so that a couple of friends can come over and scrap there. Plus 3 big drawers, shelves, a cabinet, a pull out trash can holder, towel bars, hooks and a secret compartment. I am in heaven having this here! Here is a look at the three drawers...
The drawer on the left just has some odds and ends like my extra glue gun and a washcloth for paint. The middle drawer has my glimmer mists (which I definitely need more of!) and the drawer on the right has all of my favorite trims, not ribbon, trims. Especially my favorite new thing... this rose ribbon from American Crafts, and Webster's Pages.

On one end are these hooks and I decided to hang a few of my mini albums there. It's nice to have a place for them.
Here is inside the island. Thereis my trash can, the shelves in the middle with just some random stuff for the moment, and on the right is my new label maker and my Xyron and supplies for it.
On top of the island is where my Making Memories Carousel sits with extra tools and pens and normally my trimmer sits on top too.
This is that secret cabinet! There is no handle, it is magnetic and you have to push it in for it to open. This little cabinet I have dreamed of using for my paints for years! I know, I'm wierd! But I love how they are all lined up and ready to get used.
Yes, this island does take up quite a bit of room but it's functional for creating and for storage so I love it!

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