Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Because Album

This is an album that I recently did that was inspired by one that Maggie Holmes did which I saw in the Creating Keepsakes Fast and Fresh Albums last summer. Hers was 12x12 but I chose to do mine in 8x8 and use the pictures from the photo shoot that we won last summer. This is a very special album to me and it came out just the way I wanted it! I love it when that happens...
The album is from Fancy Pants and I knew that it would fit perfectly with this rose ribbon from Maya Road and the details embellishment from American Crafts and then it was the perfect opportunity to use some adhesive bling flourishes that I picked up at the last Scrapbook Expo.
Each page is a full 8x8 print (from Costco) and the other side is the other photos in 2x3 plus some fun strips and embellishments. For the letters I didn't want to have to go and buy enough letter stickers to do the word "because" 12 times so instead I got to play with the drawing tips for the slice and let me say that "I Love Them!" It did take some time to do but I drew and then cut each letter on graph paper by Scenic Route. The whole album is this format so instead of explaining each thing that I did, I will just share the journaling with you:
"you are such a beautiful and sweet girl Madison and I love to hear you laugh!"
"you love life and can handle anything that it throws at you and you are goofy!"
"we might have a lot of stress in our family but we know how to relax and laugh too! We never planned to have a family this big but we wouldn't change it either."
"you have a heart of gold Gabriel and you love to show how much you care."
"you are creative and inventive although usually used for trouble! And you know how to make me laugh."
"We have been through so much and have remained the best of friends."
"no matter what we will always be a family and seek God's will for everything we do."
"I want to remember this moment forever. Us spending time together, laughing and playing. And know that you still need me a little as you discover and learn. But mostly because I love my big crazy family!"
This is most of the pages but you get the idea... I hope you enjoyed!

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laura vegas said...

L-O-V-E this album! maggie's was a favorite of mine, when i first saw it .. and i thought it would be so cool to do something similiar. love the idea of doing this in the 8x8 size! gorgeous photos!