Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Highlights

We jumped at the chance to take the girls to the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. And they loved it!
My friend Amanda and I went down to Disneyland to see the return of Captain EO, one of my favorite Disney attractions of all time. And we spent the day goofing off in the park taking fun pictures.
We spent several days at the park...
And searched for Easter Eggs.
Madison received the Citizenship award for her 1st grade class...
and Kaley received the Principal's award for her Kindergarten class!
Neil played softball with a church team and loved being back out on the field... he also turned 30! (I'm not admitting if I did or not!)
I got to meet the fabulous Laura Vegas while I was working CKC Riverside. I admire her work and what an awesome person she is!
Neil and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at the Old Lahaina Luau...
while we spent an amazing week in the paradise of Maui!
I won a free family photo shoot from Rachel Clare photography and we had a great time. These are pictures that I will treasure forever!
We took the girls to the beach with the youth group and roasted marshmallows over a huge fire. The girls had a great time hanging out with Bethany and Candace.
For Halloween we had a Dorothy...
a Wonder Woman...
a Batman...
and a Robin. And yes, Zach was positive that he wanted to be Robin and not another super hero. So someday when he gets mad at me for letting him be a sidekick I will tell him that I tried!
We strolled through the pumpkin patch.
and took lots of pictures...
We tried to get a family shot just before it got dark but Zach was not wanting any part of it!
Nanny and Pop Pop took us to the American Girl store where we had a ton of fun.
My friend Rea had the most adorable baby boy this June and not only did I get to take maternity pictures of her but I took their Christmas pictures too! I'm so lucky!
Back in June I went with a group of friends to the midnight showing of Eclipse. The nice thing was that I had just gotten back from Maui so I was still on Maui time. We had so much fun that when the movie came out on Blu Ray I had them over to my house for a viewing party. We had red velvet cupcakes and Neil made us the most amazing pizzas. We had blast and I think that this will become a tradition, although I don't think that I can wait for the next one to come out so we might have to have some parties in between where we play Twilight Scene it or something!

Well, this was our year... plus moving out of Silver Lakes and into a beautiful house in Victorville. I don't have any moving pictures because we were just too busy that day but you will see it when I get around to posting snow pictures! We love living here right in the middle of everything and are now able to be much more involved with church and friends! God has blessed us this year so much!!!

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kristina said...

what a great year!! we became closer too! i love you friend :)