Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Layouts to Share

This blog has been pretty heavy lately with stuff about my house and all of the stuff that I am wanting to buy that I thought I should share some of the layouts that I have done with the stuff I have. Here are just a selection of some of my favorite layouts from the past year or so...
I had a pretty difficult time with the thought of turning 30 last year so I wanted to make sure to create something beautiful out of something so horrible! And I really wanted to showcase this SEI birthday line.
Last year Neil played men's softball with some guys from our church. The kids and I loved going and watching him and I had fun taking pictures of him.
Oh boy, here's is an old picture of me! This is one of my favorite pages because of the products and how it all just came together, plus it includes some of the things from my childhood that I remember most.
I took my Mom out for an evening for her birthday to see the first showing of Michael Jackson's This Is It. We had a blast that night and I had a blast creating this page... especially that flower! I even punched out pieces from our tickets to add as embellishments.
I took this title from a page that Elizabeth Kartchner did a while back. It just seemed to fit Neil and I really well. And when he saw this page last night he said, "Oh look, it's the fat guy you used to be married to." He is so funny.
I love Echo Park and I love these pictures that I got at Disneyland of my daughter Kaley while we waited in line for Splash Mountain.
This page about my first ride on a Harley is a favorite because I love the way that the glimmer mist came out and how by me taking a blue marker to the red Harley bike sticker, it made it purple!
This page is one of my all time favorite layouts. The concept was slightly taken from a page by Elizabeth Kartchner but I put my own spin on it. The picture came out really neat even though you can see Neil holding up the camera remote, the whole page just feels comfy to me. Oh, and the love is hand stitched.

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