Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Art Project

Since Monday was a holiday and all six of us were closed up in this house for the day, I decided to do a fun little art project with the girls that will help me out later on.
I picked paint colors that matched the accent colors that I'm going with downstairs and colors that match the girls' bedding.
I cooked up some fettuccine noodles and cut up some extra yarn that I had and even grabbed some little craft puff balls that I had in my room.
I let them go to town with this stuff giving them each a couple of pieces of paper and then when they were done with those I had them switch and create a few more.
Kaley got a little crazy with some designs and created a giant X on one with all of the colors and a huge happy face on another, but at least she had fun creating her own masterpieces.
Madison understood a little more what I was asking them to do, create some abstract art that I can then frame and add to the walls to add color.
She did a really great job and I can't wait to use them. I just have to be on the lookout for cheap frames since I don't have a trip to Ikea planned any time soon.
Most important of all, we had a great time doing this. I really should let them do creative things more often but we are still having the "keep your room clean" battle with them. I can ask them to go and clean their room quickly so that we can do something fun and three hours later I go in there and they have done nothing but play, watch shows on their TV and create inventions. I have a plan for their room to create more storage and space for them and all of their stuff I just have to put it into action!

I will share what I do with these pieces of art when I get it done!

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