Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nubi... how I love thee

After going into the girls' classes last Friday for their Valentine's parties, I took them to Nubi as a special treat and time with just me and them. I have come to realize that these places are all over just called different things. It is ice cream heaven! Well, it's actually frozen yogurt but it tastes like soft serve ice cream.
After the girls sample a couple of flavors they make their choice of ice cream. Madison tried cupcake and coconut but then got chocolate. Kaley tried strawberry but then got cupcake, and I got cupcake with a little bit of peanut butter! Then we went on to the toppings, Madison is a lot like her Daddy and goes for the fruit, Kaley gets sprinkles and some candy, and I get different candy bars plus cookie dough and then we all added the whipped cream... yyyyuuuummmmm!
We sat at the bar counter and had a nice time talking about their day and enjoying our yummy ice creams. And yes, Madison made that hat in her class party, it says "Madison the Queen" and she wore it to Nubi, Lowe's and Winco. I guess that I have been kicked off the throne already!

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