Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mailbox of Love

Kaley needed a decorated box or bag to receive her Valentines at her class party tomorrow. Now, if you know my Kaley, you would know that just a plain box or bag is not good enough. So I took her with me to Michael's with the plan of decoupaging a cute box that I saw on Laura Vegas' blog and then be able to reuse it after her party. But when we got there she saw this little foam mailbox instead and fell in love with it. It was only $3.99 and then some of the packs of foam shapes were already on clearance. So we went with that.
I had to use glue dots to hold one of the ends in place and the flag because it kept flopping all over and was getting bent. And as you can see, I helped her with the front where her name went (and those layered hearts we bought I loved so much that the rest are for me!) but the back she wanted to do all by herself. This is when I have to let go and walk away and just let her do it. My perfectionist self can't watch or help or things get bad! So to Kaley this meant using almost every shape that we bought and creating some kind of pattern that covered the whole side! Oh, she is so cute!
But now she has a cute place for her friends to put her Valentines, although I am starting to realize that the popular thing to do is create goody bags full of stuff. I am always shocked at the amount of money that some parents spend on this kind of stuff (especially when there are 31 kids in their class!)
By the way, the girls started Girl Scouts last night and they loved it! They can't wait to start earning patches and I love that most of the girls in their group are their friends from church!
I have a few more Valentine's Day crafts in the works and then next week I will start sharing pictures of the garden that my husband is creating for us!

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