Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo a Day July 2012

I have seen so many people doing the photo a day challenges every month and I decided to jump in and give it a try in July. I have been curious to see if I could keep up with taking a photo every day using my iPhone and then maybe it would be worth it to do Project life next year. Although if I had decided to do this is in January of this year then I could have created a whole years worth of pictures in only 12 layouts. Here is the photo a day challenge that I did:
Each day I looked at my subject and it really helped me to see my daily life in a different way. Of course there were times that I got behind a day or so. But then I just went around my house and looked for ways to complete my task. Here is my collage that I created by uploading to my Flickr account and then using a website called Big Huge Labs and their collage maker. It was so much easier than the war that I was having with Photoshop (still haven't figured out CS6... like at all!) 

I am doing pretty well with my August pictures although I do have one or two days to make up. I took the picture on the girls' first day of school but haven't uploaded them from my canon onto my iMac to then create the instagram off of my photo stream. I know, sounds crazy huh?

Good news is that my photography business seems to slowly be taking off and I think I'm going to be pretty busy this fall! Now I need to talk my husband into letting me get the Martha Stewart day planner at Staples so that I can keep track of all our schedules (school, church, girl scouts, photography, family, etc.) Because I don't know that I can spend much more time everyday in front of my computer inputting all of that info into iCal. And to do it all on my phone is ridiculous, can you say microscopic?!

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