Thursday, August 16, 2012

My First Smash Book

About a year ago I bought my first SMASH book from K & company. I have slowly been filling it with random things I like, events and places that I go, and things from Pinterest that make me happy. Well I am thrilled to say that that first book is complete! Now of course I need to get to work on all of the others that I have... slowly but surely. Here is my cover with AC rose trim added on and rubons from Fancy Pants.

 My inside cover with self portrait and my first washi tape, oh that seems like so long ago! Many, many rolls of washi tape later!
 My first page I wanted to feature the person that I love the most in this world on, at that time, his new motorcycle.
 These are pictures that I took of things that I love and use on a daily basis, first off my coffee, and not last (just added last) is my adorable kids.
 Random things that I am thankful for. This was still very early in my Smashing style, later you will see that I evolved into a much more scrapbook/artistic style.
 A page about my starting a photography business, and our trip to see Breaking Dawn.
 Outfit inspiration from Pinterest, yes I printed out all of those pictures and cut them each out!
 Pictures of me and our trip with my parents to see Kellie Pickler in concert.
 My wish list on the left and on the right is a few of my favorite things which it took me a while to realize that it was all becoming food related.
 Places that my husband and I want to go someday. Oh, someday...
 My top 10 desserts from Pinterest that I want to make and try.
 I decided to fill in a few of the smash pad lists and put them here. Then I used Pinterest to find images to go along with some of those things.
 Bible Verses that make me happy, many are ones that I need to read often.
 Home Decor ideas that I got off of Pinterest. This was before I dedicated a whole book to Home Decor/Ikea hack ideas. I really should get started on that one, I have the dividers done but that's it so far. Whoops!
 Blogs I love to read are on the left page and on the right are some things in my house that make me happy.
 Scrapbook pages that I like and things about them that I want to try out on my own pages.
 DIY projects from Pinterest that I would love to do at some point. In all of that spare time you know!
 More DIY ideas and I used the YOU to write my journaling about doing these projects.
 Favorite books from my life on the left and recently read titles on the right. I need to read more often.
 Pictures of Neil and I and words from poems and stuff that I have found online and liked.
 Scrapbookers that Inspire me.
 Recipes that I want to try, I need to expand our family menu desperately!
 Shoes I love on the left and shows that I love on the right. I'm thinking now that I need to do a whole smash page dedicated to BBC Sherlock.
 iPhone apps that I love are randomly written on the left and different accessories and gadgets for the iphone on the right.
 This is the page that I wish wasn't there. I was trying to cover up the ugly horse face before I realized that you could just use paper to cover the whole page. But you try and you learn right? So this is about nail polish and the colors and how much I like them.
 My mom and I work the scrapbook expos here in SoCal and this was the Anaheim one. Lots of fun!
 I love Purses! These are just some of the ones that I have found on Pinterest and wanted.
 My Right Now page is on the left and on the right is where I started getting a little more artistic with my pages. I took that picture of my new shoes while we were in Maui and it makes me happy.
 A few more scrapbook layouts that I like.

 My mom and I drove all the way to San Diego for the day just to take an all day class with THE Amy Tan AND Kelly Purkey! It was a dream come true for me to get to meet them, learn from them, and get to know them a little.
 I love color lately and can't seem to get enough of it to add into my wardrobe.
 About our trip to Vegas with my parents last August. We had a lot of fun.
 A way to save and do something with all of the little drawings and "treasures" that my kids bring me.
 Scrapbook supplies that I love and seem to reach for over and over again.
 Tags from clothes that I have bought recently.
 The cosmetics and skincare that I use including a peek inside my makeup drawer and medicine cabinet.
 My obsession with the royal family.
 Some random pictures of my that I haven't been able to find another use for so they found a home here.
 I ended the book with my favorite drink, a Lava Flow, because anytime there is one of these in my hand, it's going to be a good time!
 My back cover using a Queen & Co. strip and one more rub on.

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