Friday, January 2, 2009

A Rock Band Moment

Zachary has always been very interested in musical instruments, so tonight when Neil played Rock Band, Zach brought him his sister's Barbie guitar. Neil strapped it onto him and he looked like he wanted to play it. He even watched Neil to see what his hands were doing.
Gabriel decided to play the recorder. He did start trying to blow into it and even made some noise with it. But if you look closely you can see that he has it backwards!
Zachary looked so cute walking around with that guitar. Neil didn't like that the guitar was pink so he photoshopped a version of this picture with the guitar blue, but I wanted to post it just the way it was. I love it!
BTW: after an hour online yesterday morning (and with Neil's help) I got through the ordering process for my project 365. Only to find out today that I possibly didn't get one because of all the problems their systems were having. But just a little while ago, I got a second confirmation email with all of the info in it. I feel bad for the hundreds of people who didn't get one and for those who are really upset about it. But I will sleep well tonight knowing that I am not taking a picture a day for nothing!
P.S. if you want a laugh, check out ebay and type in Project 365. Some people bought more than one (some accidentally) and are selling them on ebay. They are going for up to 150 dollars a piece! It was only 35.95! Unbelievable!
Happy New Year everyone!

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