Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Great Start & A Great Finish

This is my Project 365 picture for yesterday. It is the one thing that gets me up in the morning (other than yelling kids), it is the thought of my cup of coffee. And when it is in my favorite cup, given to me by my friend Amanda Berger when she worked at Starbucks, it is my favorite because I have been to Antigua Guatemala several times. Then you add my favorite pajamas, these fleece pants from Target that are sooo soft (Thanks again mom!!!) it makes for a great start to the day. So I took a picture of it. Usually I know that if something bad happens (i.e. kids fighting, bleeding, throwing up, etc.) before I have even had my coffee then it will be a bad day. So this is a very precious time for me.
Then there is todays picture, we are officially done with pacifiers!!! It took less than a week (which surprises me) but they are doing really well. They are even going to bed and taking their naps without it. The hardest part is in the car, for some reason they love having them while sitting in their car seats. But we got tired of the constant picking them up after they throw them down for the three hundredth time. And the 30 minutes every night spent wandering around the house trying to find atleast one of them. So we ditched them. Although I will miss looking inside that hole and watching them chew on it! Oh well, I guess they are growing up.


Anonymous said...

Another scrapping mom with twins! Love it! Your project 365 pictures are great! Don't worry the missing the pacifiers will pass quickly. Mine are 2 and I think I cried more than they did when we gave up the pacifiers!

Pati Bocook said...

Oh the pacifiers..memories. Smart taking a picture of that!! Great Job!!

Pati (Fellow 365'r)