Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Project 365

Okay, so I was one of the lucky ones who got one of those Project 365 kits and it is being shipped to me as I type. Yippee! Here are the pictures from today and yesterday.
Today, while the girls were in school, I sat at the computer and was watching TV. When my show was over it kicked over to live TV which happened to be Little Einsteins. It was only in the upper right hand corner but suddenly both of the boys stopped playing, stood up and looked at the TV. I thought that I would see if they were really interested and so I exited the menu and it went to full screen. BOTH of the boys walked over and sat on the floor in front of the couch and started watching it! They have never sat still for the TV before! I just happened to be right next to my camera and so I grabbed it and took this picture. They stayed there for atleast 10 minutes!
Yesterday the books that Neil and I made for the girls for Christmas (but couldn't get here in time) finally arrived and we surprised them. They loved having an actual book with pictures of them in it. They keep looking at it over and over again. It is really cute!

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