Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guess What!?

I am going to be featured as a guest designer on the Making Memories blog! I don't know quite when yet, but as soon as I know this is where you will find the link. I am really excited since I am such a huge fan of Making Memories products, especially the slice (as you all know already!).

On Sunday, we decided to go for a walk and loaded the boys into the stroller and we walked around our big block and stopped at the baseball field. Neil ran around with the girls and Gabriel tried to run too. Zach for some reason even though he had shoes on wouldn't move because he was on the grass. He just stood exactly where I had set him and put his arms up and whined so that I would pick him up! While I was holding him and taking pictures I got this shot of the two of us.

And I am already not looking forward to the day that we have to bring a drum set into our house! The boys love banging on the drums and the girls in the High School youth group (here it is Brianna) love taking them onto the stage to touch the guitars and hit the drums and make lots of noise! I can hear the banging now!


A said...

That picture of you and Zach is absolutely amazing, I think both you boys are so handsome but that one sure likes the camera a whole lot more than his brother doesn't he? You should teach him the blue steel look.....

A said...

Sorry for the grammar boo-boo... "YOUR boys." There, don't be peeved. :)