Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Rough Few Days

Today while I tried to recover my house from Christmas, Zach tried to sweep the kitchen floor. In the process he knocked the tree topper off of the kitchen island and it broke into tiny pieces. It was a rough day and now starts the search for a tree topper as awesome as this one was!
The tree topper was sitting on the kitchen island because Neil had not yet had a chance to put it back onto the tree since Sunday night when a bird flew into our house. Neil tried to trap it by throwing a small blanket onto the tree when the bird landed on Tinker Bell. But when he pulled the blanket off (no matter how carefully) it pulled things off with it like the tree topper and the Happy Anniversary ornament that no longer has a head on Minnie. That can hopefully be fixed with glue.
But after almost an hour we got the bird out. I had to put our faux tree in the doorway and throw myself onto the floor in order to close the front door and shut it out. After three tries it worked, thankfully!

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