Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun in the snow

We were so excited to have snow on the ground this morning since Kaley has never been in the snow and of course neither have the boys.

First, we took the girls out while the boys slept in, we had a snowball fight and made snow angels.

Then we got the boys up and took them out to see if they liked it. Gabriel did pretty well, but Zachary did not like it one little bit and couldn't wait to get back in the house.

Neil had a really good time throwing snowballs and tackling us.

It has been a day that we will never forget, if only it could last forever (but only if we were prepared with lots of food). Maybe I could get some scrapbooking done if I couldn't leave the house!

P.S. Madison's school has already been canceled for tomorrow so we are really disappointed that we will not be able to see her christmas play. Hopefully, they will get to do it just for fun in the new year.

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A said...

You guys are too cute in the snow! Poor Zach though, what a face!