Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Festival of Meat

After a whole year, the waiting was over, the best part about being on the worship team, the festival of meat at Lucille's BBQ! (Just kidding, I really love being on the worship team for many reasons!)

It was a chance for everyone in the band, the tech team and the creative team to come together and celebrate a great year while enjoying six different kinds of meat plus sides and dessert. At the end of the meal was the part that we dread, the feeling of being sooo full and then trying to leave! If only they had a carting around service so that I could still shop and yet not have to walk.
We have great friends that we get to work with and getting to spend some fun time with them today was great, and without kids!! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for watching them!
We have been truly blessed this year and today was a great celebration of that. Merry Christmas!!

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