Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Adventure

With 4 kids, a wonderful husband, housework, friends, family, scrapbooking, my photography class, and church commitments, do I really need another adventure?.... well, of course I do! I rarely get pictures of myself but if you look at this one you will see the evidence of my newest creations...

I recently have been searching for cute headbands with fabric flowers on them that cost less than an arm and a leg. But my biggest problem is that headbands give me a headache, so when I find one that is comfortable I am in heaven. But what happens when my basic headband isn't enough? Well I created a little something to add some personality.
I have one basic black plastic headband that I like to wear and is comfortable and I did find some elastic headbands I think by Goody that I like. I needed to create these appliques to be versatile to work on either headband so this is what I did...
I am hand sewing snaps onto the felt strips so that I can attach them onto elastic headbands too! I create the base out of felt because not only is it strong but it's soft against your head. The single flowers and even a few of the smaller two flower appliques can be put on with those metal bendy clips. I wore this one on Easter...
It was really cute and went perfectly with my dress. Oh yeah, and by the way, isn't my hubby handsome?! I just had to get that out there in cyberspace. :)

Once my friend saw what I was making she convinced me that I needed to open an etsy shop... so I did! I opened yesterday and I'm really excited. I'm just starting out so I will be adding lots more designs and colors over the next few weeks so keep checking it out! See Simply Harris here

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