Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boys' 3rd Birthday

Here is the story: a couple of months ago when I was working on birthday layouts for the kids, the only one that I had left was for the boys. So I got out the pictures and the products that I wanted to use and decided to think about what I wanted to do overnight and tackle it the next day. Well, at some point in that next 24 hours my 3 year old twin boys got into my scrap room and saw pictures of themselves and decided to take them... and hide them! When I discovered that some of them were gone I tried to get them to find the pictures for me. No such luck. I decided to wait for a while to see if they would show up and a couple of them magically appeared on our stairs one day. But most of the pictures of Zach were still gone. I waited and waited and waited... got other projects done just knowing that they would turn up. I cleaned their room and everything. Still nothing, so I decided to just reprint the missing pictures and move on with my life.
All of that drama to say that I finally finished their birthday layout! I think that I have said it before but I will say it again in case anyone who reads this has twins. I create 2 page layouts of big events for my boys and each page has pictures of one child on it. I also include at least one of both of them plus any detail shots and I always try to have journaling specific to each child and some sort of title. This doesn't always work with my design but it is nice to have in case some day they (or their wives) want to split up the pages. They go together for now but can easily be split for each of them. Every once in a while I do a page about the two of them but they will just have to share or fight over those.
Here it is. I used SEI Happy Day and I think that it went very well with the boy theme with just a touch of pink that you can't really notice.
Zach's page has a semi title, I just used this super cute happy birthday tag and the 3 is a grungeboard piece that I colored with SEI chalk ink in ivy. It works so well on the grungeboard and I love the way that it came out. I did my favorite new thing which is drawing lines around the outside of my photos to make them standout without having to mat each one. I used the Sharpie poster paint pen in white.
Gabriel's page has this cute little cupcake on it from SEI and the border punch is from Fiskars. I used my wonderful EK success scalloped circle punch for the journaling blocks.
Here is a closeup of the 3.

I'm just so happy that it is done and now I can move on to Halloween and other Fall stuff and not be worrying about where those pictures are. I'm sure that now that I have finished this page I will find them!

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