Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

today was the first day of 1st grade for Madison, and the first day of Kindergarten for Kaley. They were both so excited that they were up at 7am dressed and ready to go. However, Neil and I were still in bed trying to fight off the continuous question of "Is it time to go yet?"
I took the girls out front and took some pictures of them before we left for the school. Kaley feels so much better knowing that Madison will be there too. They even share the lunch recess!
Kaley couldn't wait to get inside and see Mrs. Pace. This has been the reason that she has been so excited about going to Kindergarten, because she knew she would have Mrs. Pace!
We took Madison in to her classroom and boy was it a different atmosphere from Kaley's Kindergarten room! Instead of parents everywhere trying to help their child with a sheet of things to write and showing them where all of their stuff was to go, it was a quiet classroom, no parents in there at the time, and all of the kids were sitting and working on stuff! Madison found her desk right away and we got to meet her teacher Miss Gonzales.
It was a great morning! Now I can't wait to go and pick them up and find out how their day was!

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