Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Trip To Disneyland

Since the girls were on spring break we wanted to do something fun so we went to Disneyland with the kids. We started with standing in line for an hour at Pixie Hollow which is where I got these great shots of the girls.
I love these pictures of them! The flowers right at the entrance were beautiful and Kaley even had her minnie mouse dressed as Tinker Bell for the occasion.
First we met Fawn who was very sweet.
Then the girls got to meet Tinker Bell which I think was the highlight of their day!
Then we went over to California Adventure and watched the High School Musical 3 show as we got inside. We wanted to do something with the boys so we went back to the Bug's Land area and decided to go on Heimlik's ride. It had a 30 wait so I grabbed the boys' water bottles and some fruit snacks hoping to keep them occupied in line. Those worked for a few minutes and the rest of the time they were all over the place until we got close enough for them to see the ride and understand why we were there.
The boys liked the ride although Zach cried through the whole thing! The problem came when just before the train came back to the loading area, Gabriel dropped his water bottle over the side! It went under the little cars but was just fine laying about six inches away from the track on the concrete. When we got out I told the guy what happened expecting him to run the 10 steps back and grab it and we would be on our merry little way. NO! He had to shut the ride down for 15 minutes, have everyone get off and then get these long grabber things to go back and get it! People were not happy, and we were very embarrassed.
Since Neil had not been able to go on anything yet he took the girls on Soarin' over California. It had a more than an hour wait so the boys and I hung out across the way. It was a battle trying to keep Zach to keep his shoes on and eventually he got one off and started chewing on it!
Needless to say, I think that we learned a valuable lesson: For the next year or so, we cannot go to Disneyland with the four kids with out some extra help! We are just outnumbered and it gets too frustrating which is not how you want to spend your day at what is supposed to be the Happiest Place on Earth!
BTW: we left at about 6pm after not getting there until 1pm and this is all we were able to do!

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